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SPRING BREAK is here again

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Effective April and May all merchandise will be discounted by 10% for

purchases over $25.00. For purchases of $100.00 or more there will be a 20% discount and

no charges for shipping / handling.


Pan Am B 314 Model at Pan Am AWARE Store

 Pan Am AWARE Store Newest Items July 2018

It's always a good time to pick up Pan Am gifts for friends or family!




 The Pan Am AWARE Store

For nearly 25 years, dedicated Pan Amers have been keeping the faith by volunteering to operate an exclusive retail store. The store provides tangible connections to Pan American World Airways, and supports the mission of the Pan Am Historical Foundation.
With the ongoing and generous support of the Pan Am International Flight Academy at Miami International Airport too, AWARE is a one-stop shop for Pan Am history, memorabilia, accessories and more.


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Pan Am AWARE is located at
Pan Am West
3814 Curtiss Parkway, Miami Springs, FL 33166
New Hours: TUES, WED, FRI. 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Phone: 305-871-1028



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